Maraton Canoeing

Information on marathon canoeing

About Marathon canoe racing

Martathon canoe racing has been taking place for over 60 years across the UK on various flat water rivers, lakes, canals and such. Races take place over a wide range of distances and feature a wide array of craft with everything from sleek racing kayaks to touring canoes able to take part. There are races for all ages and all disciplines so everyone can get involved it is trully a boundless sport. As well as the competative element participants can benefit from the physical side of things with marathon canoe racing being a great way to keep fit as well as being a great way to view the UK's wonderful waterways.

How to get involved in marathon canoeing

Getting involved in the whole marathon canoeing scene is easy, a good place to start is by looking at the canoeing links included to help find local clubs that are near your location and go from there.